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                                                  20 In favor of a piercing one DOWN one county fair fare 101 Pecorino
Mideast unity
21 Arty
22 The drive- through diner
scene that was
may__ 1
Following Business end of an ax
“North and South” trilogy
s n
37 Secure, as a job or a role
38 “Get __”: James Brown biopic
62 Announcer Hall
cheese __
105 It has pipes and keys
106 Source of some overhead
115 Memorable first name in soccer
2 3
66 Gauge on the dash
103 Laughing 104 Its capital is
JULY 21, 2021
KAUA‘I MIDWEEK 11 102 __ Kingdom
 68 Opposite of
  39 Choose at the polls
40 S
41 B
42 L
trans Kigali
69 Hot temper
70 Inane
71 Lowdown
73 “Give __ minute”
109 Gelatin garnish 110 “Not in the __” 111 Framework
 hipping hazard
read-making grain
ocket, for one
inger/actress known as the “Queen of Pop”
43 S
49 Cause to become
50 Mae West’s
eccentric 77 Big deal
80 Like fireplace logs
82 Within
116 Nine-time U.S.
76 Often “old” 114 Book after
      skating champ Michelle
Gift with an aloha
afterthoughts Holmes 121 Metal source
 83 Plant stem joint
“I used to be 84 Final Four org. 120
Snow White, but 85 Moriarty, to
A Ho
I drifted,” e.g. 51 Icelandic literary
87 __ longlegs 122 Become more
52 Sidelong glance
intense, as the
n on
sweet, say moon
 s children, most of us hated chores and looked forward to playtime — whether by ourselves or with friends. Responsibil-
 ity was something that was taught. Fun was some- thing that we were naturally drawn to. Pandemic restrictions took many of us further away from the “playtime” we used to spend with others. If you haven’t started thinking about reconnecting to that inner part of you that has the capacity to have fun — similar to the way you were as a child — now is the time.
 We all need to heal in one way or another, and playing promotes healing. Give yourself permis- sion to release your spirit.
  cut became a __
24 Right after this
25 Fall garden?
26 Riverbank 108
Apple operating system Hadrian’s defense
Follow (along) closely
“It totally
author John 4 Track contest 5 Bill’s partner 6 Confided in
7 Showing strai 8 One lining up
for food?
9 Took care of t
27 Parisian season
28 Vote of support
29 What Jill has that
Jack doesn’t?
112 113
   spent the night police cadet had 15 Honorary title t’s no surprise that the prioritized chat the __ 16 Picnic pitcherful
monster 117 Sailing 13 Feeling it after a
34 Smart 118 Indicating stress workout
food he 10 Strong speaker 11 Be resourceful
  IThe Perfect Mix Of Aloha, Lemonade 36 The girls who 120 The fast-learning 14 Lusters
30 Break
31 Stab
32 1956 title film 116 Small racer 12 Prez on a penny
 aloha spirit is strong time at the __ 41 LP’s 33 1/3
here on the Ninth Island, 44 Browsing
as more than 50,000 former Hawai‘i residents now call Vegas home. One of those is Christian Vasconcellos, the owner of Empire Hustle, who took it upon himself to organize the ultimate spread- ing of aloha.
annoyances 45 Wordless
It all started when he stopped at a lemonade stand to support young entrepre- neurs set up under a small umbrella in 115-degree heat. After speaking with the two young boys, Christian learned that they were two of eight children, ranging in age from 6 months to 16 years old, and that they took turns running the lemonade stand Mondays-Saturdays to raise money to buy food for their family, the Stantons.
46 Sugary ending 47 Reduce
48 Long
50 Shot __:
51 Privileged people 53 When the dog
got loose, some
house plants __ 57 False front
63 Get into 64 What a
stationary orrery part may represent
65 Clarifying Latin words
67 Grew dimmer 68 Sweetens, as
70 Iraqi currency 72 Modified for the
better 74 Private
75 Barely sufficient
   This encounter weighed on Christian, and he wanted to do something to help. He took to social media to share the
cards, toys apnadintheyr giene prod-
77 Stroke that
 The Stanton family received a helping hand at their lemonade stand from former Hawai‘i residents Christian Vasconcellos
makes a rally and Josh Cravahlo. PHOTOS COURTESY KRISTINE RODRIGirUreEZlevant
story. The messages flooded in along with donations from all over. Christian received so much support that he was able to purchase grocery gift
78 Surrealist German-French
their Hawaiian-style gourmet hot dogs and freshly squeezed lemonade across the Vegas Valley.
ucts, as well as provide the
79 Gazes fixedly
81 The casual
family withqaua$r5te0rb0achkeck. He
also was able to help improve
made an __
86 Expand
the lemo8n8adBeosstyanudttewraintchenew
And, here’s an entertain-
signs and a pop-up tent to
ment update: The Downtown
89 African capital
on the 30th provide mopraerasllhelade. Sever-
Brew Festival, which boasts
 al former Hawai‘i residents also showed up to the stand to purchase lemonade, as well as donate. We were thankful that we could be there, not only to support the Stantons, but also witness all the aloha.
more than 200 types of beer, will be held Oct. 16. The U.S. men’s national rugby union team, the Eagles, will host Ireland Oct. 30 at Allegiant Stadium. Also coming to Al- legiant Stadium is the Ninth Island Showdown between University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Ha- wai‘i at Mānoa Nov. 13.
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   Thanks to Shawn Cabania, and Gizelle and Samuel Dias, Tiki Dogs is a popular stop for lovers of gourmet hot dogs.
The good eats don’t stop there. Former Kaua‘i residents Gizelle and Samuel Dias and their kids missed Puka Dogs back home so much that they worked to create a similar snack, resulting in their own version, called Tiki Dogs. Tak- ing a leap of faith, they turned their cravings into a business and opened a food truck to sell
Catch Sebastian and Ninth Island Connection at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on K5 and 2 p.m. Sundays on KGMB.
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