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 NGo Ahead And Wear An Ugly Sweater This Season
ational Ugly Sweat- the opposite. In the spirit of A 2002 party in Vancou- to pick up a new pin every a flashing light necklace. Or, er Day is coming up the holidays, it’s OK to dress ver, Canada, is known as the year when I go to craft fairs. make a bunch to decorate your (Dec. 16), and it’s silly, especially if it’s in an first organized ugly Christ- And every year, I look forward tree or office cubicle. Use felt
    never too early to start making ugly sweater. mas sweater party. It was the to seeing one of our company to make the sweater bases and
yours. We first made these last year and they piqued people’s interest when they saw it on our ad recently, so I thought I’ d share it again for those who missed it the first time.
1 On a 3 1/2-by-5-inch piece of scratch paper, draw a sweat- er shape, or use the pattern provided. Cut out and use as
your sweater template.
5Place the decorated sweater on the second sweater, aligning the edges. If you are making
an ornament or garland, add in a looped ribbon/cord between the layers for the hanger. Carefully glue the sweater pieces together around the edges. You can also sew them together.
6Adda 7Adda pin back funny
bring out all your craft scraps for decorating.
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year ... when fashion is not taken seriously, but quite
Another holiday fashion trend is festive jewelry. I like
This week’s project lets you have fun with these wearable traditions, even if sporting a sweater may not be your thing. You can rock a mini ugly sweater pin or add it to
On the internet, you can find the whole history of this popular trend. Most credit the 1950s as the decade when these colorful winter-themed sweaters first appeared. They were never meant to be “ugly” and were often called “jingle bell sweaters.”
brainchild of Chris Boyd and Jordan Birch, who launched it as a fundraiser for a friend battling cancer. They’ve con- tinued the tradition, raising money for various charities over the years.
owners, Guy, wear a different handcrafted pin on his aloha shirt.
A template is available on our project sheet at Sub- mit creations to joyofcraft- and if I share it here, I’ll send you a Ben Franklin Crafts gift card!
• (2 quantity) 3 1/2-by-5-inch felt, sweater color
• pen/pencil, for tracing
• scratch paper, for designing
• scissors
• low-temp glue gun and glue
• tacky glue (No. 1360916)
• finishing materials like a pin
back, magnet or ribbon/
cording for a hanger
• assorted decorations like felt,
pompoms, glitter, garlands, mini ornaments, bells, sequins, buttons, embroidery, floss, yarn, beads, ribbon, paints, etc.
        2 Place the sweater template on the two pieces of felt. Trace and cut out.
3 Take one of the sweater pieces and decorate using var- ious craft items. You can trace and cut out shapes from
felt. In this example, the circles will be for a snowman.
    4 Glue on sequins and shaker card fillers to add sparkle.
You can also make designs with tacky glue and sprinkle on glitter. Use acrylic paint to add details like the snowman’s eyes, mouth and arms. Let glue or paints dry.
               behind the sweater to make it wear- able. You can add several sweater pins to a blinking light necklace for a festive design.
message and pin a sweater onto a card front or tag.
8 You can string several sweaters together to make a garland or hang them on the tree as ornaments.

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