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        M ichael Sherwood and his son, Kyle, of Cleve- land come from a long line of morticians. So a few years back, when a friend won- dered how he might have his tattoos preserved after he passes away, the two came up with an idea, Oddity Cen- tral reported. They figured out a method for removing and preserving tattoos, then started a business called
Saving The Departed’s Tattoos
    I Eye Of The Beholder
for Carr will be appointed by Gov. Mike DeWine and will sit the bench until voters elect a new judge in a future election.
Dastardly Deed
 n my 38 years with MidWeek, one of the things that I’ m truly grateful for is that I’ ve worked with some really talented photographers. Our publications have
Jerome Ellis, a Dol- lar General employee in DeLand, Florida, allegedly got into an argument with a co-worker on Oct. 24, which prompted him to a retaliatory move that could have been deadly, Fox35-TV reported.
been the living proof of that and photography is a skill that I wish I learned.
Seems that with cameras built into our mobile phones, everyone is a “photographer.” Sure, good equipment is half the battle and camera phones are quite advanced, but photog- raphy in my mind is about subject, lighting and composition.
Social media has created instant celebrities out of peo- ple who happen to be physically attractive. That’s not a bad thing, but for me personally, an Instagram account of just sel- fies of yourself is kind of boring no matter how good you may
Save My Ink Forever. “Some of these things re- ally are pieces of art,” Kyle said. “Instead of having just the remains or the burial ... (families) have actually a
On Oct. 25, the victim set down a can of Pepsi and went to the restroom. When he returned, he took a drink of the soda and noticed it tasted like cleaning supplies. Sure enough, video surveil- lance cameras revealed that Ellis had poured bleach into the Pepsi can, wiped it off, then spit in it.
look. I’m sure their vast numbers of followers would disagree.
Judged On Her Dismerits
physical and mental health after a long series of bizarre incidents and behavior, the Columbus Dispatch report- ed. The Ohio Supreme Court took action after Judge Pinkey Carr wore sneakers, spandex shorts, T-shirts and even tank tops while sitting the bench — a bench that had become littered with so many cups, dolls and nov- elty items that Carr’s own attorney described it as “re- sembling a flea market.”
I tend to take and collect pho- tos of things I find unusual or thought-provoking. I will see something and if it evokes some kind of emotion in me, good or bad, I will add it to my collection.
piece of their loved one.” The Sherwoods say their technique is proprietary, but it takes roughly three or four months. Families are left with a parchmentlike piece
Court states that, among many other incidents, Carr repeatedly discussed the television show P-Valley and joked about giving le- nient sentences and accept- ing kickbacks with attorneys and defendants while court was in session.
Here are some of those photos. Don’t judge me, but see what kind of emotion they evoke within you. By the way, none of these are Photo- shopped. The top photo (1) was recently taken by a friend of mine at a charity fund- raiser. Note the heart flame. Is that 3 a “like”? The rest were taken by me and I’ ve since named them. They are: Recycled Dream (2), Night Light (3), Green (4) and
of art.
“We are trying to do this
Cameras also caught Ellis trying to unplug the surveil- lance system. He told inves- tigators that he put cleaning solution in the drink to get back at the co-worker, who he said was difficult to work with.
in the most dignified manner possible,” Kyle added.
    Safe Roots (5).
In other Weird happen- ings:
When a prosecuting attor- ney had not yet arrived for a hearing, Carr is quoted as having stated, “The prose- cutor’s not here. Let’s see how much we can get away with.”
   Court Jester
A municipal judge in Cleveland, Ohio, was or- dered to be removed from the bench on indefinite sus- pension on Oct. 18 and will undergo evaluations for her
The 58-page complaint filed by the Ohio Supreme
A temporary replacement
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