A New Way To Go O.F.F. On Fitness

Dillberg wants to change the way people look at exercise. Photos from Sundey Dillberg

For Sundey Dillberg, exercise is not just a part of her day, it’s her life. It would be safe to say that the Poipu native is going off on this passion, as in O.F.F., or Organic Functional Fitness.

Dillberg is now celebrating a year after creating this new-age way of exercise at the Kukuiula Shopping Village on Kauai’s south shore. The fitness studio offers TRX Suspension Training, Zumba as well as Bootycamp. Dillberg’s client base of more than 100, includes new moms, elite athletes and weekend warriors.

It all started from a small group, working out at her Bootycamp Kaua’i training regime and now she’s turned it into a multi-faceted program.

“I opened O.F.F. knowing that I had an ohana of amazing clients from Bootycamp Kaua’i who were willing to lift one another up during their journey of being their strongest and fittest selves,” Dillberg says. “I have watched housewives turn into athletes, athletes become elite in their sport and none of their success could be possible without the energy and encouragement that comes from us as a group, a team, a family. Strong as one and even stronger together.”

Dillberg says she has the only TRX studio to be certified on Kaua’i. If you’re not familiar with TRX, it’s a system of nylon straps that anchor to a fixed object, so that participants can perform a wide-range of body weight exercises. There are more than 300 exercises to use in a circuit training session that gives the athlete, housewife, surfer, paddler, golfer their own personal best workout.

Designing TRX programs for a specific sport is where Dillberg flourishes. She’s created an “Athletes Elite” class on Fridays that hosts a number of canoe paddlers and surfers on the island. She tailors the class to target opposing muscle groups.

sundey Dillberg teaches Organic Functional Fitness

“This helps protect the body from injury, strengthens from the core and allows for proper recovery,” she says.

According to Dillberg, the focus of O.F.F. is to change the way people look at exercise.

“Anyone can go on a run or walk, but until you push yourself and break down your own personal limitations, you never get to tap into the real benefits of strength on a mental and physical level,” she says. “If what you do is not fun, you won’t stick with it. I think my abs and a lot of my client’s abs are a direct result of the laughter and fun. My motto is ‘Laugh, Sweat, Inspire.”

Kalaheo’s Chelsea Cordner has been training with Dillberg from the start and has noticed a big change in her life, for the better.

“I have sustained my ideal weight, continuing to transform and learn new techniques, and I feel better than I ever have before,” she says. “I look forward to her ever-changing, challenging and high-energy classes.”

While the program offers a way to burn off calories and see the changes physically, it may also give you newfound friends.

“The women and men who work out at O.F.F. are some of the strongest, most intelligent and amazing people,” class participant Emily Lucente says.

“When I’m tired or feeling run down, it is the camaraderie that keeps me motivated.”

Dillberg feels blessed that her passion helps others get fit both in their minds and bodies.

“I am humbled every day by my ohana at O.F.F.,” she says. “You don’t get to choose your family, they say, but I choose this family.”

For more information about O.F.F., go to offkauai.com.