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           RELEASE DATE—Sunday, September 5, 2021 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, September 5, 2021
Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
   Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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92 Robin Roberts’ 92sRhowb,ininRitoiablleyrts’
130 Oscar winner 130 ROesdcmaar ywninener
19 H.S. bigwigs 2149 YHe.sSh.ivbaiggwriagds 2284 FYloersehnivcae’gsrraivder 3208 Frlioernednlyce’s river
56 53-Across, to 87 Cong. meeting 56 M53e-rAkecrloss, to 9807 “CBonyg, .ameIeting
1 GaAdCgRetOsSwSith
93 Tsahkoew_,_in: istinaolloyze 9953UTpaktoe __: snooze 9975TUoapstostarter 9987InTeofafescttsivtaerter
57 WMaesrktedl 90 d“Buomyb, !a”m I 597 TWerapssteicdhore : 94 Edunmcobu!”raging 59 dTaenrpcseic::ho_r_e:: 94 wEonrcdo?uraging
1teGeathdgets with 6 Mtoeesthfavorable
98pIintcehfeferc’stivfaete, in bpaistcehbearl’lslinfagteo, in [Vbiallaseinb2a]ll lingo
1 aDccaertshsVorayder
2 JaochcneIsrsvoinrgy’s “A
1 3 6 N Mu t o s s s t e f a e v n o i r n a b l e 13baNrusts seen in
[Villain 2]
102 Nose wrinklers
2PJroahynerIrfvoirng_’_s “A MPerayneyr” for __
33 SForaldniekr’s helmet 3353 PSlaocldeiefro’sr ahesllmamet 35 dPulnakce for a slam
69 sNtaBrAer-cum-rap 100 Core values 101 “Peaceful Easy
20 Look forward to
102 Nose wrinklers 103 Common
3 “The Simpsons”
36 Result of a drip,
star 101 “Peaceful Easy 70 __ libre: poetry Feeling” group,
20 Look forward to 21 Direct approach
103 Common stained glass
3 “The Simpsons” creator Groening
36 Result of a drip, at times
70 __ libre: poetry Feeling” group, form with “The”
21 Direct approach 22 Theoretically
stained glass element
creator Groening 4 Oktoberfest quaff
at times 37 Cola __
form with “The”
71 Immortal football 106 Ed with Emmys
22 Theoretically 23 Longtime ABC
104 Org. concerned
4 Oktoberfest quaff 5 Freaking out
37 Cola __
38 Reef formation
71 Immortal football 106 Ed with Emmys
23 Longtime ABC News anchor
5 Freaking out
6 Too big for one’s
38 Reef formation 39 Got under
coach Amos
107 Matching pair
News anchor [Hero, 1]
104 Org. concerned with flight risks
6 Too big for one’s own good
39 Got under control
coach Amos Alonzo __
107 Matching pair 109 Infuriate
[Hero, 1] 25 “The Odd
with flight risks 105 “... to say the
own good 7 Script writer
40 Off-road vehicle
Alonzo __ 72 Last Oscars
109 Infuriate
110 Old cereal box
25 “The Odd Couple” couple,
105 “... to say the __”
7 Script writer
8 Messi’s uniform
40 Off-road vehicle 42 Sounds of
72 Last Oscars host (2018)
110 Old cereal box stats
Couple” couple, e.g.
108 Yankee quipper?
8 Messi’s uniform number
42 Sounds of thunder
host (2018) 73 Like talent.
112 Piece of work
26 Menu selections 114 Economic
many say 75 Lorelei et al.
113 __ perpetua: Idaho motto
26 Menu selections 114 Economic
10 It’s often made
75 Lorelei et al. 76 Chinese
Idaho motto 115 Ready to drive
27 Old Tokyo
Dungeons & Dragons co.
27 Old Tokyo 28 Per __
divisions 119 Lost for now
10 It’s often made up in advance
Dragons co. 44 Touched down
76 Chinese culinary general
115 Ready to drive 116 Slanted page
28 Per __
29 One of eight
119 Lost for now 122 One-hit wonder
up in advance 11 Luanda’s land
44 Touched down 45 Nutmeg spice
culinary general 77 Note taker
116 Slanted page 117 Hindu princess
29 One of eight Yankee World
122 One-hit wonder [Hero 2]
11 Luanda’s land 12 Guitarist Paul
45 Nutmeg spice 46 Synthetic resin
77 Note taker
78 Energetic type
117 Hindu princess 118 Old dagger
Yankee World Series victories
[Hero 2] 125 Pip’s love
12 Guitarist Paul 13 Food wrapped
46 Synthetic resin used in paint
78 Energetic type 80 Capital on the
118 Old dagger 119 Eldest of the
Series victories 32 P.O. box item
125 Pip’s love interest in “Great
13 Food wrapped in silk
used in paint 48 Budding star’s
80 Capital on the Nile
119 Eldest of the “Little Women”
32 P.O. box item 34 Final Four
interest in “Great Expectations”
in silk
14 Soon, to a bard
48 Budding star’s big moment
81 Brown shade
“Little Women” 120 El Al’s home:
34 Final Four game
Expectations” 126 Put back
14 Soon, to a bard 15 Union member?
big moment 52 Former Labor
81 Brown shade 83 “Knives Out”
120 El Al’s home: Abbr.
37 “Ready Player
126 Put back 127 Nancy Drew
15 Union member? 16 Rapper Stanley
52 Former Labor secretary
83 “Knives Out” filmmaker
121 Metro stop: Abbr.
37 “Ready Player One” hero
127 Nancy Drew series author
16 Rapper Stanley Burrell, familiarly
secretary Elaine
filmmaker Johnson
121 Metro stop: Abbr. 122 Renaissance
One” hero Wade __
series author 128 Rice and wheat
Burrell, familiarly 17 Prefix with Pen
54 Something for
84 Blue __: Dory’s
122 Renaissance artist __ Angelico
Wade __ 41 Marvel
128 Rice and wheat 129 Invite to one’s
17 Prefix with Pen 18 Like a few hours
54 Something for two, in song two, in song
84 Blue __: Dory’s species
artist __ Angelico 123 __ lane
41 Marvel supersoldier
129 Invite to one’s home
18 Like a few hours after midnight
86 Knickknack 86 Knickknack
123 __ lane 124 Wrath 124 Wrath
supersoldier [Villain, 1]
after midnight
108 Yankee quipper?
9 Nastase of
73 Like talent. many say
112 Piece of work 113 __ perpetua:
Old AT&T rival
thunder 43 Original
111 Old AT&T rival
9 Nastase of tennis
43 Original Dungeons &
1 DarDthOVWaNder
30 oFpreiennindgly? 31 Voipoelinisntg_?_ 31 FVriaonliknist __
ldoavencpeo:e:t_ry_ : 96 ’w50osrdp?rez
61 Jlouvleppgoaertnryish 996 T’5h0esypmreazy be 671 MJ uol de ep l gSaar sn ti sr eh 99 rTehseyrvmeday be 697 N M B o A d e e r l - S c u a ms t r - e r a p 100 Creosrerveadlues
  [Villain, 1] 47 Asteroids
  47 Asteroids producer
producer 48 Byzantine
48 Byzantine architecture
architecture features
49 Mardi Gras city,
49 Mardi Gras city, informally
informally 50 Jaye’s “The
50 Jaye’s “The Crying Game”
Crying Game” role
51 Novel category
51 Novel category 53 Third of eight
53 Third of eight 55 Basic bruise
55 Basic bruise treatment
treatment 58 Santa signal
58 Santa signal [Sidekick 2]
[Sidekick 2]
60 Biblical bloomer
60 Biblical bloomer [Princess 2]
[Princess 2] 62 Physical exam
62 Physical exam letters
letters 63 Mystiques
63 Mystiques
64 Org. for netmen
64 Org. for netmen 65 Had the nerve
65 Had the nerve
66 Regional flora 66 Regional flora
and fauna and fauna
68 Wanders about 68 Wanders about
71 Convenient, like 71 Convenient, like
some winter some winter
resorts resorts
74 Blowup aid 74 Blowup aid
77 Courage 77 Courage
79 Sch. with 79 Sch. with
the mascot the mascot
SuperFrog SuperFrog
82 Kids’ building 82 Kids’ building
materials materials
[Sidekick 1] [Sidekick 1]
85 Groups of 85 Groups of
problem-solving problem-solving
specialists specialists
[Princess 1] [Princess 1]
88 Film noir plot 88 Film noir plot
device device
89 Types 89 Types
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 This Sucks
 For most of last year, I suffered from right shoulder pain. It radiated from the right side of my neck down to behind my right clavicle. Nothing I did could alleviate the pain and discomfort. Not sure what caused it, and I tried to think of what may have been the culprit.
I redid the ergonomics of my computer setup at work. I switched carrying my work backpack from my right shoulder to my left. Then, it dawned on me: I was always sitting in a bad position when watching television and scrolling on my phone with my left hand. When you consider how much TV I watched over the course of last year, it’s no wonder I can even stand upright!
I tried “rolling” my shoulder and neck, took copious amounts of ibuprofen, sodium naproxen and acetaminophen. I sought out various modes of massage and even bought one of those expensive hand-held percussion devices.
Nothing seemed to work, so I finally decided to see my primary care doctor. I was talking to my little brother about it when he asked if I tried a chiropractor. I figured I had nothing to lose and asked if he knew one.
                                               Through a reference from one of his friends, I was able to secure an appointment with a chiropractic doctor with a small practice close to where I live. I immediately liked him, as he runs his office completely by himself, kept company by his cute little dog. And, he instilled a lot of confidence as he explained what he was doing and in locating the source of the problem.
         He said the problem was caused by my ribs! As I looked for an exit, he explained and proceeded to “crack” my body like you might see on YouTube videos. Believe it or not, I was instantly cured. It felt like a miracle!
     He also added treatment with those glass suction cups. For the most part, I felt like a new man. Now I see him about once a month for tune-up treatments. Recently, I saw him for neck pain and he applied a cup to the right side of my neck below my ear. While he did warn me, it left a red suction circle on my neck.
         When I got home that evening my daughter was on the phone with her brother in Minnesota. She looked at my neck and yelled, “Dad what the heck happened to your neck?”
     In a jovial mood, I replied, “Oh nothing. Mom just gave me a hickey!” I suddenly heard both daughter and son exclaim, “Ugh, I just almost vomited!” I started laughing and then went into the kitchen to tell my wife about the kids.
    She laughed but then said, “No really, Ron, how did you get that?”
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